LATENE EP compounds are based on copolymer PP, a resin made by mixing PPh and ethylene. Compared to full PPh version, PPc provides higher impact and weather resistance, but lower thermal properties and lower oxidation resistance.

Main properties

  • Impact resistance, even at low temperature;
  • Good/very good chemical resistance;
  • Low density;
  • Effective hydrolysis resistance.
LATENE EP compounds are characterized by impact resistance at low temperature and good chemical resistance. Base resin fluidity can be optimized according to project requirements.


According to the requirements, compounds can be stabilised to resist to continuous use temperature up to 90-110°C, and/or to improve resistance to metal contact. Material can made UV and weather resistant.

Filled grades
LATENE EP can be filled with mineral fillers, in order to obtain a stiff, dimensionally stable product, which maintains a good surface aspect.

Reinforced grades

LATENE EP can be reinforced with glass or carbon fibre, which improve material stiffness. Presence of fibrous fillers requires a particular care of design to reduce differential shrinkage and part warpage. Chemically coupled versions provide very good mechanical properties to products, and a great improvement of thermal properties under load.

Flame-retardant grades
Flame retardant versions are normally achieved with a better thermal stabilization that ensures a good behaviour of the material while working under load at high temperature. Suitable flame-retardants additives can be provided with halogens or without halogens depending on the specific project requirements. Usually, these grades do not offer a high UV resistance, but stabilized versions are available to obtain a good compromise among aesthetical, mechanical and weather resistance properties.

Anti-static grades
Family compounds can be formulated with anti-static properties, even in reinforced versions: search grades in LATISTAT product range.

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