LARAMID compounds are based on PPA neat resin, a semi-aromatic polyamide where an aromatic acid has substituted the aliphatic acid.

Main properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties at room temperature;
  • Excellent wear resistance;
  • Good creep resistance;
  • Good / excellent chemical resistance;
  • Good thermal properties;
  • Lower water absorption compared to aliphatic polyamides (PA6, PA66);
  • Good gamma radiation resistance;
  • Good UV radiation resistance.
LARAMID compounds were developed in order to obtain higher performances than traditional alyphatic polyamides (PA 6 and PA 66).
Based on a polymer with semi-crystalline structure, LARAMID materials offer a combination of excellent thermal and mechanical properties. They can be thought as a bridge between the standard engineering thermoplastics and the high performance ones, but with a great price / performance ratio.
LARAMID are characterised by lower water absorption than aliphatic PAs, which allows achieving better performances of the moulded article: higher dimensional stability, and higher mechanical properties in humid environmental conditions during running cycle. The high melting temperature of the neat resin lifts up the short-term thermal resistance.

Self-lubricating grades
Family products with better self-lubricating properties are available by adding substances able to improve the tribological properties of the material. These grades are suitable for plastic-metal or plastic-plastic contact applications. Compounds able to fulfil specific requirements concerning wear resistance and friction factor can also be formulated. For more information, please check LATILUB grades.

Electrically partially conductive / dissipative grades

Family compounds can be formulated with partially conductive or dissipative properties, even in reinforced versions: search grades in LATIOHM product range.
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