LATAMID 6 compounds are based on PA6 neat resin, which is commonly made up starting by a cyclic amide known as caprolactam.

Main properties

  • Good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties;
  • Good fatigue resistance;
  • Good chemical resistance;
  • Good wear resistance.
Compounding flexibility and excellent mouldability make PA6 one of the most used resins in the technical field. Wider are the possibilities of mixing different additives in order to improve: aesthetic, flowability, shrinkage, mechanical and/or thermal properties. Even if the colourability of PA6 resin is excellent, LATAMID materials can be easily painted and they are also suitable for in-line painting at 150-160°C.
LATAMID 6 compounds can also be supplied in nucleated version, in order to reduce cycle times.
Versions having different fluidity allow obtaining the best combination between mechanical properties and mouldability.
LATAMID 6 products exhibit a high moisture absorption that improves toughness, but affects dimensional stability and mechanical properties.


According to the requirements, compounds can be stabilised to resist to continuous use temperature up to 140°C, and/or to improve resistance to coolants (e.g. glycol), or oil or grease. Material can easily made UV resistant.

Impact resistant grades
Impact resistant
versions provide better toughness of the moulded part with no need to improve material resilience by means of conditioning methods (i.e. dipping the moulded parts into water).

Reinforced grades

LATAMID 6 can be reinforced with glass fibres, which improve the material stiffness, and/or carbon fibres, in order to obtain the best performances in terms of stiffness, strength and fatigue resistance. Mixed versions containing glass fibres and glass beads have been formulated in order to reduce the differential shrinkage phenomenon.

Filled grades
LATAMID 6 can be filled with mineral filler or with a mix of fibrous/non-fibrous fillers, in order to obtain products with higher dimensional stability. See KELON B family for more details.

Flame-retardant grades
Flame retardant versions are normally achieved with a better thermal stabilization that ensures a good behaviour of the material while working under load at high temperature. Suitable flame-retardants additives can be provided with red phosphorous, halogens or without halogens depending on the specific project requirements.

Self-lubricating grades
Family products with better self-lubricating properties are available by adding substances able to improve the tribological properties of the material. These grades are suitable for plastic-metal or plastic-plastic contact applications. Compounds able to fulfil specific requirements concerning wear resistance and friction factor can also be formulated. For more information, please check LATILUB grades.

Electrically anti-static / partially conductive / dissipative grades
Family compounds can be formulated with anti-static, partially conductive or dissipative properties, even in reinforced versions and/or with carbon nanotubes: search grades in LATISTAT and LATIOHM product range.

Thermally conductive grades
Requirements imposed by design lead to formulate thermally conductive compounds. Heat conduction properties offered by these grades are 2 to 10 times higher than standard ones. See LATICONTHER family to find the suitable material for your application.

Density-controlled grades
Substitution of materials those are heavy but toxic (e.g. lead) or lighter than common plastic, means special compounds have to be formulated. Density of these grades can be very different than the base resin. See LATIMASS family for further information.

In order to further improve flexibility in material use, blends obtained by mixing PA6 with other base resins have been formulated. See LATIBLEND family.

Improved aesthetic structural grades
Usually, high filler content, overall fibrous filler reduces the surface appearance of the parts. The products of LATIGLOSS family appear glossy even when high percentage (50-60%) of filler is used.
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