LARTON compounds are based on a branched PPS neat resin, where sulphur atoms and phenylic rings alternate. The high stability of its chemical bonds provides an excellent thermal and chemical stability. PPS is most likely to be found in the market in its compounded versions, reinforced and/or filled.

Main properties
  • Excellent mechanical resistance in a wide range of temperatures;
  • Excellent thermal properties;
  • Excellent creep resistance;
  • Very high chemical resistance;
  • Good gamma and UV radiation resistance;
  • Good gamma and UV radiation resistance;
  • Hardly inflammable, with extremely low smoke emissions;
  • High dimensional stability.
LARTON compounds exhibit very interesting technical features combined with good moulding characteristics. Besides, they are intrinsically flame-retardant.
In the industrial sector, PPS and PEEK are sometimes interchangeable, because of similar technical features. PPS is used for less severe applications than PEEK, but it has the advantage of higher compounding versatility.

Reinforced grades
LARTON compounds can be reinforced with glass fibres, which contribute to improve the stiffness of the material, and/or carbon fibres, which improve the inherently good self-lubricating properties of the neat resin. Mixed versions containing glass fibres and mineral fillers are also available and they help to reduce differential shrinkages phenomena. In order to prevent this issue in reinforced grades, an accurate part design should be performed.

Filled grades

Mineral filled versions were formulated, in order to obtain stiff, high dimensional stability products without peculiar needs of impact resistance. Properties are also maintained at very high temperature.

Self-lubricating grades
Family products with better self-lubricating properties are available by adding substances able to improve the tribological properties of the material. These grades are suitable for plastic-metal or plastic-plastic contact applications. Compounds able to fulfil specific requirements concerning wear resistance and friction factor can also be formulated. For more information, please check LATILUB grades.

Electrical partially conductive / dissipative grades
Family compounds can be formulated with partially conductive or dissipative properties, even in reinforced versions: search grades in LATIOHM product range.

Thermally conductive grades
Requirements imposed by design lead to formulate thermally conductive compounds. Heat conduction properties offered by these grades are 2 to 10 times higher than standard ones. See LATICONTHER family to find the suitable material for your application.

X-ray shielding grades
All the applications that require x-ray shielding features can benefit of the very good thermal and chemical properties of LARTON compounds. These grades are available in LATIGRAY family.
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