LATICONTHER compounds are based on different base resins and are used to obtain a heat transfer by conduction much higher than ordinary thermoplastic compounds.

The use of these materials helps to remove heat produced during working of the part (e.g.: in electrical or electronic devices), by improving heat transfer. This is obtained directly by conduction or by promotion of local convection phenomena. Efficient cooling system can now be built for application sectors where effectiveness thermoplastic or thermoset compounds are currently used, or, vice versa, where high conductivity metal parts are used but they are unsuccessful because of a poor natural convection.
Advantages offered by these materials are related to high thermal conductivity, lower weight compared to metal, lower price, chemical resistance and coefficient of linear thermal expansion close to metal counterparts. By means of LATICONTHER products it is possible to integrate complex geometries, presence of inserts and/or assembled parts in a single operation.
Electrically conductive or insulative versions are available.

Impact resistant grades
LATICONTHER impact resistant versions are available, formulated to improve part toughness.

Reinforced grades
LATICONTHER family products can be glass reinforced, in order to improve material stiffness.

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