LATISTAT compounds are based on different base resins and are used to obtain parts able to develop Electric Static Discharge (ESD) protection.

LATISTAT compounds are partially conductive. Family products are used where a permanent ESD protection is required. By means of selected functional additives, products providing good mechanical properties and low electrical resistivity can be obtained. Usually, additives that supply partial conductivity reduce material flowability and aesthetics, not allowing coloured products. Please, see LATIOHM family for coloured products.

Filled grades
Mineral filled versions were formulated, in order to obtain stiff, high dimensional stability products without peculiar needs of impact resistance.

Reinforced grades
LATISTAT family products can be glass and/or carbon reinforced, in order to improve material stiffness. Presence of fibrous fillers requires a particular care of design to reduce differential shrinkage and part warpage.

Flame retardant grades
Flame retardant versions were formulated by adding halogen based flame retardant additives.

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