LATIOHM compounds are based on different base resins and are used to obtain products able to dissipate static electrical charge.

Almost every thermoplastic used in the technical field is an inherently electrical insulator, and, therefore, it can hold on part surface electrical charges created during the working life of the part itself. The accumulated energy can leave by arcing, potentially damaging related equipments (e.g.: by deleting or modifying data in electronic devices). Effects can also include people, from the simple perception of the discharge to physical damage. A spark produced by a static discharge in presence of explosive or combustible substances, as gas or fuel vapours, can have dramatic consequences: for example, tools of worker operating as maintenance engineers in gas or mining environments.

Different methods can be used to convert an insulating polymer to a dissipative or partially conductive material:

  • Conductive filler can be added to the base resin: metallic fibres or particles, metal-coated fibres, carbon fibres, carbon powder or nanotubes;
  • Additives improving surface conductivity can be added;
  • Inherently Conductive Polymers (ICP) or Inherently Dissipative Polymers (ICP) can be added to the resin;
  • (Metal) Galvanic coating can be used.
LATIOHM family provides a wide range of resins and specific additives covering resistivity values from 10 to 1012 Ohm. Compound can also be formulated in a lot of colours. Thanks to the combination of low density and easy processing, LATIOHM products allow to the end user to substitute traditional materials and/or surface treatments in an effective and flexible way.

Filled grades
Mineral filled versions were formulated, in order to obtain stiff, high dimensional stability products without peculiar needs of impact resistance.

Reinforced grades
LATIOHM family products can be glass reinforced, in order to improve material stiffness.

Flame retardant grades
Flame retardant versions were formulated by adding red phosphorous based, halogen based or halogen free flame retardant additives.

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