LATIGLOSS compounds are based on different base resins and are used to obtain high glossy, high mechanical performance products.

High amount of reinforcing fillers such as glass or carbon fibre does not allow obtaining high performance thermoplastic compounds provided with good surface appearance. Up today, application sectors essentially required mechanical performances in order to guarantee full functionality of parts even in severe working conditions, in terms of dynamic and static stress, fatigue, use temperature and environment.
However, metal-to-plastic substitution is increasing and the aesthetic aspect is getting more and more important.
LATIGLOSS family has been created to offer both the excellent mechanical performances of structural compounds and a very good surface appearance.
Surface of the moulded parts appears smooth, polished, glossy and free of the most evident and common defects related to fibre streaks. Expensive operations as moulding parameters optimisation or post-treatments as finishing can now be avoided.
LATIGLOSS products are formulated essentially for structural applications and obtained by special raw material in order to offer excellent aesthetic and mechanical performance. Products are available both natural and coloured versions.

Filled grades
Mineral filled versions were formulated, in order to obtain stiff, high dimensional stability products without peculiar needs of impact resistance.

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