LATIGRAY compounds are based on different base resins and are used to obtain radiopaque lead-free parts.

The use of lead has always been considered a necessary issue in any X-ray device used in medical and industrial equipment. Intrinsic physical properties, as malleability and density, allow this metal to fit perfectly into a wealth of X-ray shielding application as covers, supports and lining of housings and enclosures.
Current reliable solutions consider usage of metallic lead sheets and its oxides, e.g. litargirium.
Sheets are modelled and shaped by the mean of human labour as well as thermoset resins filled with lead composites used to mould semi finished parts: all these parts have to be often re-processed and finished creating lead exposure hazard.
Difficulties related to handling, production and disposal of lead and derivates can generate extra costs and are going to represent a severe issue, becoming more and more dramatic as health and environment care laws and norms will narrow the application possibilities.
Restrictions are already applied in many industrial fields and may soon be extended to today-untouched sectors.
LATIGRAY family provides a full range of radiopaque thermoplastic compounds dedicated to lead and heavy metal substitution in X-ray shielding application.
Injection mouldable LATIGRAY compounds are obtained by filling base resins with radiopaque additives, chosen among the many ones on the basis of project requirements.
It is possible to fine tune shielding efficiency and contrast by modifying filler type and amount, from just opaque to completely shielding.
Best LATIGRAY can deal with lead frames, showing the same shielding power at very similar thickness.

LATIGRAY products has been formulated to be:

  • 100% toxic substances free (RoHS compliant);
  • Easy to mould and process on ordinary equipment;
  • Free of hazardous particles and dust release;
  • Of good surface appearance and - is some cases - colourable, too;
  • Able to fitting mechanical and thermal project requirements.

Reinforced grades
LATIGRAY family products can be glass reinforced, in order to improve material stiffness.

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